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The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness

The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness is the extraordinary discovery of a unique correlation between spiritual wellness, spiritual consciousness, and the words of the Bible.

In this transformational work, I share my remarkable finding of a spiritual pathway leading to higher consciousness through biblical meditation.

For the purposes of this book the realms of spiritual wellness correspond to the realms of spiritual consciousness. For example, if you are dwelling in higher spiritual consciousness (the higher conscious) you are in a state of spiritual well-beingness, but if you are residing solely in lower spiritual consciousness (the subconscious or the unconscious) you are more likely to be in a state of spiritual unwellness.

In this book, I define seven realms of spiritual consciousness. Spiritual consciousness exists in parallel relationship to spiritual wellness. Each realm has a specific place along the path to higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

In this unparalleled nonfiction work, I divulge the uncovering of this pathway from spiritual unwellness to spiritual wellness and higher consciousness through the practice of focused prayer and meditation. This focused prayer and meditation uses specific recurring words and scriptures of the Bible.

The focused biblical prayers and meditations of ‘The7Realms’ are based on distinct interrelated biblical words and scriptures. These words and scriptures occurred in unique patterns. I labelled these patterns with the term- trilateral. I then organized these words and scriptures into seven trilateral realms.

These trilateral realms were then grouped among three levels of consciousness- higher, middle, and lower consciousness. There were three realms in the higher consciousness level and three realms in the lower consciousness level. The middle consciousness level exists as a single transitional realm between the higher and the lower realms.

This middle consciousness level is equivalent to the Fourth Realm, also known as the realm of Mind, Body and Soul. The Mind, Body, and Soul Realm exists as a single realm, dedicated as a transitioning realm, for the conscious intention (mindfulness) and conscious attention (meditation) on specific trilateral words and scriptures.

This realm acts as a spiritual partition between the realms that exist as higher consciousness realms and the ones that exists as lower consciousness realms. In other words, this realm serves as a transition zone for mindfulness and meditation when you are travelling from lower consciousness to higher consciousness.

Lastly, the decision to define the spatial construct of these seven levels of spiritual consciousness as realms, was based on my perception that these “levels of spiritual consciousness” were formulated from a divine insight into the concept of spiritual consciousness.

I had always perceived the words spiritual and consciousness as representing multi-dimensional realms, rather than simply levels. Therefore, the term realm, became the best way to define the concept of spiritual wellness, or spiritual consciousness, over any other defined spatial construct.

These realms of spiritual consciousness are based on the conceptual awareness that when we bring together our spiritual intention and spiritual attention on focused prayer-meditation, we can navigate the transcendental experience of our spiritual beingness. In doing so we conspire with our spiritual consciousness to bring ourselves closer to the I AM.

And thus, The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness was born.

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