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The Seven Realms of Spiritual Wellness- The Secret Patterns of the ‘Trilateral’ Words of the Bible

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

As the Division Head of Hospital Medicine at The Houston Methodist Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Houston Methodist Academic Institute, I have spent the last 30 years of my personal and professional life seeking to better understand the correlation between medicine and spiritual wellness.

As a physician healer, I have always sought to discover a better way to heal the wholeness of man- the physical and the spiritual. And I believe I have found it.

Even as a young man, I was conscious, that the words and scriptures in the Bible had a special meaning and a unique significance. I would spend the last three decades of my life trying to discern a specific relationship, between the words and scriptures of the Bible and the concepts of spiritual wellness and higher consciousness.

I researched different precepts regarding the definitions, the interpretations and the meaning behind certain biblical words and scriptures. I studied those words and scriptures which were repeatedly found over and over again in the Bible.

My evolving awareness of this obvious, if not purposeful, use of these recurring words and scriptures combined with my passion for patterns and themes led on my search for the greater meaning and better understanding of the Word of God.

I begin to analyze numerous biblical teachings and listen to countless pastors, priests, and other biblical scholars explain different verses, passages, and scriptures, always looking for a pattern, a theme or a maybe even a formula to better understand "The Word".

As my journey in the Word progressed, I was able to associate specific words and scriptures to certain patterns and themes. I choose specific words and scriptures that repeatedly appeared together in the Bible. Many of these themes seemed to occur in patterns of “3”. I therefore labelled the patterns of 3 with the term, "trilateral", which means of or pertaining to three sides or parts.

Specific recurring “trilateral” themes and patterns appeared with words such as: mercy, grace, and hope; love, peace, and joy; and ask, seek, and knock, and many others. These words often seemed to occur together in the different books and gospels. Scriptures which contained trilateral precepts such as: "In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"; and "Be still and know that I am God”, began to take on a new meaning and a new significance for me.

I was eager to understand these words and scriptures in the context in which they were written. I began to research both the formal definitions, as well as the biblical and spiritual interpretations, of each word and scripture. This journey took me beyond my basic understanding of these words, as simply words, and carried me to the realm of a spiritual-based enlightenment surrounding these words and scriptures.

While I am certain no one will consider me a prolific writer, Shakespearean poet, or literary genius, I am a leader of thoughts, a teacher of ideas and a creator of concepts. I am a man who labors daily as a healer of the physical man.

The Seven Realms of Spiritual Wellness- The Secret Patterns of the ‘Trilateral’ Words and Scriptures of the Bible a culmination of my personal journey as a physician of internal medicine seeking to better understand the perceived relationship between physical well-being and spiritual well-being.

During this journey, I discovered a secret pathway, hidden in plain sight, that allows you to travel to a realm of higher consciousness and subsequently spiritual wellness.

The pathway traverses through focused prayer and spiritual meditation on specific words and scriptures by way of the Bible (the Word of God).

I describe the discovery of this unique relationship between physical and spiritual wellness, through the Word of God, by outlining seven ‘trilateral’ realms of spiritual wellness.

The reader will discover a new and easy-to-follow path which allows them to travel from spiritual un-wellness (lower consciousness) to spiritual wellness (higher consciousness).

This path takes you through the practice of focused prayer and spiritual meditation (Biblical Meditation) on the specific trilateral words and scriptures from the Word of God.

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Jul 17, 2021

where can I find these 7 specific trilateral words that speak of levels of awareness

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