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The Journey from Lower to Higher Consciousness

Some people ask, “How do you incorporate ‘The7Realms’ into your daily practice of mindfulness and meditation?”

The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness- A Newly Defined Christian Pathway to Higher Consciousness through Biblical Meditation (aka ‘The7Realms’), is a transformational work that uncovers 84 biblical words and scriptures revealing a hidden pathway to higher consciousness. The ordering and organization of these words and scriptures was given to me as a divine spiritual gift.

This pathway allows us to transcend from our usual states of subconscious thinking (lower spiritual consciousness) to an enhanced state of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening (higher spiritual consciousness) using the newly discovered trilateral words and scriptures from the Bible.

‘The7Realms’ invites you to travel along this new path to higher spiritual consciousness (Christian Mindfulness), by way of focused prayer on these specifically outlined words and scriptures (Biblical Meditation).

I chose the word trilateral to describe the realms I exposed. The definition of trilateral, as an adjective, means shared by or involving three parties. The word trilateral fit with the core basis of my sacred belief in the Trinity.

‘The7Realms’ acts as a guidebook to direct your mindfulness and meditation practice to achieve this positive transcendental process.

I use the phrases mindfulness and meditation as terms that outline two separate practices.

Mindfulness is the ability to be aware (awareness), or focus, at any given moment, on a specific thought, feeling, emotion, or even a word. In the case of ‘The7realms’, we use trilateral biblical words or scriptures as centering mantras or prayers.

Mindfulness allows us to center our awareness on these trilateral words or scriptures.

This act of mindfulness doesn't have to be a formal process of pausing and pondering and contemplating on the word. It can simply be the act of becoming mindful of the word or scripture and using that moment of mindfulness to acknowledge the awareness of where this word or scripture resides in your spiritual consciousness.

It can be a moment of contemplation to recognize the effect that the word or scripture has on a thought or a feeling or an emotion.

Christian Mindfulness is the act of centering our awareness or focus on the Word of God in the form of focused prayer (attention). The trilateral words act as a guidepost or anchoring words, or mantras, to let us know, or remind us, where we exist, at any given moment, in spiritual consciousness, and in which specific realm our thoughts reside.

Meditation on the other hand, is the practice of engaging in deliberate time and the formal process of awareness, or mindfulness, of these divinely ordered trilateral words arranged in a specifically organized progression. The expectation of this meditation practice is the ability to transition through spiritual consciousness to attain higher spiritual consciousness.

The use of these trilateral words in this meditation practice instructs us is to concentrate our focus on a given realm of spiritual consciousness (intention). This focused intention allows you to rise from a realm of lower consciousness to a realm of higher consciousness.

Based on the discovery of ‘The7Realms’, this scriptural meditation (intention) represents Biblical Meditation. This Biblical Meditation is based on specific trilateral words and scriptures that represent a distinct realm of spiritual consciousness.

This practice is meant hopefully to lead to a destination of higher spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness in descending order are as follows:

- The 1st Realm- The Realm of The Trinity- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

- The 2nd Realm- The Realm of The Fruit of The Spirit- Love, Peace, and Joy

- The 3rd Realm- The Realm of Manifestation- Ask, Seek, and Knock

- The 4th Realm- The Realm of Mind, Body, and Soul (Middle Consciousness)

- The 5th Realm- The Realm of Condemnation, Fear, and Worry

- The 6th Realm- The Realm of Unforgiveness (Hate), Anger, and Doubt

- The 7th Realm- The Realm of Disease Manifestation- Internal, External, and Mental Diseases

Each of these realms is made up of a trilateral concept (three inter-related biblical words). Each realm exists within and corresponds to a given level of spiritual consciousness. Each of these biblical words is matched with specific trilateral biblical scriptures.

For instance, the word ‘fear’ from The Fifth Realm of Spiritual Consciousness correlates to the scripture ‘Fear not for I Am with you.’ {Isaiah 41:10}.

The first three realms of spiritual consciousness dwell in the level of higher spiritual consciousness. We unfortunately spend the least amount of time and energy, during our waking consciousness, in the realms of higher spiritual consciousness. Largely because higher spiritual consciousness requires the greatest amount of focused spiritual energy.

The fourth realm of spiritual consciousness represents the middle level of spiritual consciousness, or middle spiritual consciousness. The middle consciousness level is also known as the middle consciousness realm because it is the only realm in the middle consciousness level. This realm can act as your initial realm of transition to conscious awakening when we use our spiritual energy to purposefully move out of lower subconsciousness thinking.

The last three realms of spiritual consciousness exist in the level of lower spiritual consciousness. Regrettably we tend to spend far too much time in the largely subconscious realms of lower spiritual consciousness. This generally occurs involuntarily as the lower realms require the least amount of focused spiritual energy and tend to occur naturally as a result of spiritual entropy.

The subconscious mind controls over 95 percent of our waking thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Imagine, if we could redirect just a small percentage of our time and energy spent in spiritually unwell thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and focus that energy on our higher consciousness, we could make incredible inroads into our spiritual well-beingness.

So how do we do this?

Suppose you realize that you are anxious, worried, or fearful of something happening.

Maybe you are anxious about something that is happening in your life, on your job, or in your relationship.

In ‘The7Realms’, anxiety can be found in The Fifth Realm of Spiritual Consciousness- The Realm of Condemnation, Fear, and Worry.

Once you recognize that you're in this realm, you acknowledge that you are in a state of lower spiritual consciousness.

You would then choose the trilateral words or scripture that represents that state of lower spiritual consciousness and describes what to do if you are in that state.

In this instance, a trilateral scripture that fits this corresponding feeling of anxiety perfectly might be, “Fear not/ for I Am/ with you” {Isaiah 41:10}.

The purpose of this trilateral scripture can be utilized as your anchoring scripture, or mantra, for acknowledging your presence of being in a lower realm of spiritual consciousness.

Your desire, however, is to move out of lower consciousness to higher consciousness.

Next, in order to accomplish this, you must take a moment to transition through middle consciousness. In the meditation process of ‘The7Realms’, you will often use middle consciousness as your transition zone from lower consciousness to higher consciousness.

Activate your conscious spiritual energy to shift from this lower consciousness realm to the middle consciousness realm- The Fourth Realm- The Realm of Mind, Body, and Soul. You can do this through the meditation techniques taught in ‘The7Realms’. For now, simply decide on the next trilateral scripture- one associated with the middle consciousness realm- The Realm of Mind, Body, and Soul.

One of my favorite trilateral scriptures for moving through The Fourth Realm, or middle consciousness realm, is Romans 12:2- “And do not be conformed to this world/ but be transformed/ by the renewing of your mind”.

This anchoring scriptural mantra allows me to initiate a realm of awakening consciousness.

This realm of awakening consciousness allows the transitioning of my thought process to prepare for a move to higher consciousness. This is the definition of middle consciousness. This transition is a key element in the process of Biblical Meditation in ‘The7Realms’.

From middle consciousness I have 3 options (or realms) to choose from to transition to higher spiritual consciousness:

1. I could choose to go to the next realm, The Third Realm- The Realm of Manifestation- Ask, Seek, and Knock.

2. Or I could choose The Second Realm- The Realm of The Fruit of The Spirit- Love, Peace, and Joy.

3. Or I could even transcend immediately to the highest realm, The First Realm- The Realm of The Trinity- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Let’s assume I choose to go immediately to the highest realm- The Realm of The Trinity.

If I choose this realm, I might choose the simple trilateral scripture which I believe is one of the most powerful scriptures in all the Bible. “Be still/ and know/ that I Am God.” {Psalm 46:10}

I would use this scriptural mantra to transition to the highest level of spiritual consciousness- God-consciousness.

Once I have engaged and embraced the full enlightenment of this scripture and its contextual meaning in the specific realm of spiritual consciousness, I have effectively transitioned my thought process or emotions from the feeling of anxiety (lower spiritual consciousness) into the conscious awareness of this feeling so that it can be transformed by my mind (middle spiritual consciousness) to a realm of higher spiritual consciousness- ‘Being still and know(ing) that I Am God’- God consciousness (higher spiritual consciousness).

The realms of spiritual consciousness are based on the practice that when we purposefully direct our spiritual energy, in the form of attention (focused prayer) and intention (scriptural meditation), we can ascend to higher consciousness. By doing so we achieve the transcendental reality of our spiritual being-ness (spiritual consciousness), and we conspire with God to bring our true Self closer to the I AM.

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