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The End of Self

What is Self?

Is it the essence of the body? The mind, body, and soul?

Is it the ego? The egoic mind?

What is Your Self?

Is it what you do?

Is it the earthly title you hold or the material things you have or the influential people you surround yourself with?

Is it who you see in the mirror?

Is it the true acknowledgment of one's existence in the universe?

Is it the quantifiable touching of the essence of your soul?

Is it the energy you bring to the universe?

What is the End of Self?

And how can you come to the End of Self, if you don't know what Self is or who Self is?

So, what is the End of Self?

Is it no longer acknowledging you as the mind, the body, the soul?

Is it no longer visualizing your physical essence in life’s mirror?

Is it denouncing the ego?

If not, then what is the End of Self?

Maybe it’s acknowledging that Self never was.

The concept of Self is an illusion. It is the delusion that Self exists apart from the universal consciousness of Source. I believe that the True Self is truly a non-self. And that the End of Self is the awakening of the True Self to its omni-existence with the collective consciousness of Oneness.

Why is Self not the body?

Fact: if we were to take all the matter in the ‘body’ (the atomic and subatomic particles that make up the body), it would account for 0.01% of our entire physical structure of the body. The entire physical structuring of atomic and subatomic particles in the body are held together by vibrational energy. The energy of Source. Therefore 99.99% of our ‘body’ is made up of space, existing in and through vibrational energy, cosmic frequency, and Universal Consciousness.

Thus, if we are 99.99% non-self then what is Self?

Self is nothing other than the non-self-existence within the universe.

The Universal Mind. The Oneness with God. Source Energy.

The vibrational energy of the Universe. The Unified Field of Consciousness.

The collective energy of the Conscious Mind.

I believe the True Self is intimately aligned with Consciousness.

Because of my Christian faith and belief in God, I believe that my true Spiritual Self is intimately intertwined with my true Spiritual Consciousness.

How does one define Consciousness? Awakening? Awareness? Self-realization?

Maybe the consciousness that can be defined is not consciousness.

Maybe you can only describe consciousness?

I humbly describe consciousness in this way.

The Consciousness of your Consciousness is your Consciousness.

Therefore, Self is Consciousness. It is the Consciousness of your Consciousness.

And coming to the End of Self means acknowledging that you are One with Consciousness.

From the Christian perspective, you are fully interconnected and intertwined with the omnipresence of God. Fully unified with The Trinity- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

You are in Christ, and Christ is in you, and God and Christ are One. The Holy Spirit (The Helper) dwells in you and connects you to All, making you One with God, Source, and Universal Mind.

And if you are One with All, then you could never be Self.

Welcome, to the end of self.

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