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The Breath of Spirit

Breath and Spirit

Breath is often seen as the counterpart to the concept of Spirit. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, the word for “breath” is synonymous with life force or spirit. For example, in Sanskrit, “prana”, in Hebrew, “ruach”, and in Greek, “pneuma”, all broadly translate to breath, life, spirit, or soul.

This linguistic relationship suggests a thoughtful recognition of breath as more than a mere physical process. It is also viewed as the essence of life. From a metaphysical standpoint, breath is considered the bridge between the mind, body, and soul, connecting our physical existence with our higher consciousness.

Breathing in Mindfulness and Meditation in ‘The7Realms’

In “The7Realms’, breath serves as the cornerstone of mindfulness and meditation practices, acting as a conscious and subconscious force that bridges the transition between the mind, body, and soul. It is a natural act of the body with a natural rhythm. An intimate act of life that is uniquely both involuntary and voluntary.

In the mindfulness practice of “The7Realms’, breath acts as an anchor, for you to return to when the mind wanders. This simple, repetitive focus on the breath helps to cultivate a state of present moment awareness, training the mind to dwell in the current experience without judgment. It teaches patience and acceptance of the present moment.

In the meditation practice of ‘The7Realms’, the act of deep, mindful breathing is known to induce a relaxation response, countering the stress and anxiety that plague our daily lives.

By consciously regulating our breath- slowing it down, deepening it- we send signals to the brain to calm the nervous system. This shift from a state of over-stimulation to one of relaxation is fundamental in meditation practices, paving the way for deeper states of peace and insight.

Transitioning Mantra- The Breath

In ‘The7Realms’, the breath is also used as a mantra for transitioning between focused prayer and scriptural meditations. The specific breath mantras used in ‘The7Realms’ are: ‘The Breath of God’; ‘The Breath of Spirit’; and ‘The Breath of Life’.

In the practice of ‘The7Realms’, breath is frequently employed as a means to connect with the divine, to align oneself with the patterns of the universe, and to deepen one’s awareness of being part of a larger whole.

In moments of deep breathing, one might feel a sense of expansion beyond the physical self, touching upon a more profound sense of peace, presence, and connection. This experience is at the heart of many spiritual practices and meditations, which use breath as a vehicle to transcend the physical limitations of the body and reach a heightened state of spiritual awareness.

Through mindful breathing, individuals are not just filling their bodies with oxygen; they are also nourishing their spirits, fostering a sense of harmony, balance, and unity. Additionally, breath is inherently linked to the cycles of nature and the universe, echoing the ebb and flow of life itself.

This universal rhythm of breath is a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of all things, fostering a sense of oneness and compassion.

By consciously engaging with our breath, we align ourselves with the vibration and spiritual energy of the universe, tapping into a reservoir of peace and wisdom that transcends the individual.

In this way, breath serves not only as a sustenance of life but as a spiritual connector to the Consciousness, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

Our Emotional Connection to Breath

Through breath, we learn to temper our emotional responses, gain clarity, and enhance our overall mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, breath is universally accessible and constantly available, making it an open tool in the practice of mindfulness. It requires no special equipment, environment, or even physical ability, and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere.

This universality makes breath an ideal focal point for mindfulness and meditation, providing a common way for individuals to explore inner tranquility and wisdom.

As we deepen our relationship with our breath, we deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and compassion that is the heart of a mindfulness and meditation practice.

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Jun 08

"...repetitive focus on the breath helps to cultivate a state of present moment awareness, training the mind to dwell in the current experience without judgment" so true!!!

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