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Spiritual Energy and God-Consciousness

The Structure of Energy

The basic structure for energy is derived from atomic and subatomic particles. Everything is made from energy. The atomic particles themselves are pure energy.

Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. They are held together based on their electromagnetic energy and their spatial existence is a product of particle wave function and quantum mechanics. Energy can be mechanical, electrical, radiant, heat, magnetic, chemical, or nuclear.

Human beingness is essentially an organized collection of atomical energy particles. The physical bodies of human beings are pure energy.

Human beings exist in a field of continuous vibrational energy and are constantly absorbing and producing energy.

The Physical Body is Energy and Space

The body and all its tissues and organs are made up of microscopic cells with tiny molecules which are in turn made up of invisible atoms.

The very essence of your physical being, the body, is derived from energy. The body is a collection of specific types of atoms existing as mass of skin, muscles, nerves, bones, blood vessels, and organs. These living tissues are all made up of energy, create energy and transmit energy.

As explained by the wave particle theory atoms exists as 99.99% space and are continuously vibrational. The reason that the space exists is due to the energy of the molecules create- the wave particle effect. The wave particle effect that circulates within the mass and within the atom.

So, you are not what you see, in fact you are 99.99% that which you cannot see.

You could say that you are not a human being made up of energy, but your energy made into a human being.

The Brain and Energy

The brain is the body’s powerhouse for storing and transmitting the energy of the mind.

The brain is believed to be the primary physical and neurological connection to the mind. While the mind is not felt to be a physical structure, it is widely believed to be the source of thought and the perceiver of consciousness.

The mind is the producer of thoughts. The mind is the perceiver of consciousness. Thoughts emanate from the mind and connect to universal consciousness.

The Source of all consciousness is God.

Pure consciousness exists as pure energy.

There is a higher consciousness and a lower consciousness.

Different forms of consciousness can exist in higher energy states and lower energy states.

Energy and The Mind, Body and Soul

The mind is pure energy- the energy of thought, feelings, emotions, and the energy of consciousness. The mind perceives consciousness. Consciousness is one with the universe.

The universe is pure energy and made from pure energy.

Pure energy comes from God. Thus, everything is made from the energy of God.

Conscious thought can perceive the universe and perceive God. The level of consciousness required to perceive God is accomplished by realizing the spiritual energy of higher consciousness.

To achieve a higher level of consciousness requires a focused and directed intensity of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy can be attained through prayer and meditation on the Word of God. This connection between consciousness and God is called spiritual consciousness.

Spiritual Consciousness and Spiritual Wellness

The highest realm of spiritual consciousness is housed within the Trinity, the Oneness of God, God-consciousness.

The True Self (Life) is in the realm of higher consciousness.

Spiritual consciousness can exist as higher consciousness or lower consciousness.

Distinct levels of spiritual consciousness equate to distinct realms of spiritual wellness. Higher realms of spiritual wellness exist at higher levels of consciousness, such as higher consciousness and pure consciousness. Lower realms of spiritual wellness exist at lower levels of consciousness such as the subconsciousness and unconsciousness.

‘The7Realms’ define seven spiritual realms that outline a newly discovered path through spiritual consciousness.

Each one of the spiritual realms represents a distinct level of spiritual energy.

The greatest amount of spiritual energy is required to reach the highest realm of spiritual consciousness.

Application of the least amount of energy is expected to degenerate to the lowest level of spiritual consciousness.

Each realm requires a specific focus and attention on a given level or amount of spiritual energy and focus. This spiritual energy and focus are found to emanate from the Word of God.

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May 16, 2022

Very good, very true. How do I know? Because I've been there, my consciousness, I've seen God. God is a huuuge swirling ball of conscious energy made up of billions and billions of energy particles of all colours and all emotions, neither male nor female, just pure abundant conscious intelligent energy that exists alone outside of space and time. I still have the memory of making my transition from abundant conscious energy slowing down my vibration into my conscious human experience. Email me to chat about my crazy but true experiences.

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