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Higher Consciousness versus Lower Consciousness (The Unmindful Descent to Spiritual Entropy)

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

In the thesis, “The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Wellness”, I have discovered seven realms associated with different levels of consciousness. These seven realms are divided into three upper realms, a fourth middle realm and three lower realms. The upper realms are associated with higher consciousness and the lower realms with lower consciousness. The middle realm acts as the spiritual dividing line between the upper and lower realms.

The upper realms of higher consciousness correlate with God consciousness, spiritual unity and higher self-awareness. The upper realms represent the conscious movement of thought through prayer and meditation to reach the highest state of consciousness. The highest state of consciousness is Oneness with God, full spiritual enlightenment and the awareness of unity with the I AM.

The fourth realm is the middle realm, the realm of Mind, Body and Soul. The middle realm represents the initial awareness of The Self. This middle realm separates higher consciousness from lower consciousness. This spiritual partition can only be transcended through the practice of prayer and meditation.

The final realms are the three lower realms. These realms represent the level of subconscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions and perceptions. In the lower realms these thoughts, emotions and perceptions are usually based on subconscious or unconscious negative influences and misdirected energy. These thoughts, emotions and perceptions emanate from inappropriate attention on the subconscious and unconscious internal dialogue of the carnal man and seed the deepest recesses of the carnal mind.

The subconscious and unconscious internal dialogue has the ability to coerce you into an entropic state. Prolonged existence in this state of spiritual entropy may cause you to unintentionally transition from a state of higher spiritual consciousness to a state of lower spiritual consciousness.

Even though the lower level of consciousness is negative, it is still a form of spiritual consciousness. These lower realms represent a spiritual imbalance, or misdirected energy, which allows for passive movement or unintended descent away from the highest spiritual realm of The I AM. Consequently, these realms represent the unintended transition from spiritual wellness to spiritual entropy and thus physical disease.

“The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Wellness” are comprised of seven levels, that correspond to a specific realm of spiritual being-ness, spiritual wellness or un-wellness and spiritual oneness with the perfect Self.

The perfect state of wellness or well-being exists within The First Trilateral Realm of Spiritual Wellness, the realm of “The Trinity”. This is the highest realm of the seven realms. The first realm of spiritual wellness corresponds with the highest realm of spiritual consciousness which is in the Trinity. The Seventh Trilateral Realm of Wellness is the Triad of Disease Manifestation. This is the realm, or trilogy, of Internal Diseases, External Diseases and Mental and Psychological Diseases. This is the lowest realm of the seven realms where spiritual entropy manifest as spiritual un-wellness and physical disease.

The presence of disease is often more of a spiritual manifestation than it is a physical manifestation. Spiritually, there is an unseen but natural descension or transition into spiritual entropy that ultimately leads to spiritual un-wellness and physical disease. However, this often takes place in the “unseen world" at the manipulation "of the powers and principalities of spiritual forces in dark places” (EPH 6:12)

Rather than the simple explanation that one is born into spiritual wellness but over time simply falls into spiritual and physical disease, the truth is much more complicated. The truth is that entropy, in the form of spiritual entropy, creates a downward force of negative energy that leads to spiritual imbalance and discord. This imbalance ultimately leads to spiritual un-wellness and a greater likelihood of physical disease.

Disease is the result of spiritual entropy, the natural state of the universe, when Self does not apply the correct energy to maintain or achieve universal order. The farther you move from The I AM, the more at risk you are of moving into disorder, or disease.

The Oxford definition of entropy states that entropy is (1) a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system; the equivalent of “the second law of thermodynamics” which states that entropy always increases with time and it is "the sum of the entropies of all the bodies taking part in the process": and (2) a lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

Disorder is the natural state of the universe, everything migrates “downward” towards disorder. This is called entropy. To maintain order and avoid entropy you must apply a certain amount of energy. Spiritual entropy follows the same law of quantum physics as natural entropy.

The spiritual energy of the universe is housed in The I AM. Disease is fostered by separation from the I AM. This is where the science of medicine and spirituality join forces to understand the wholeness of healing.

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