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God, Science, and Math- The Quantum Connection

Patterns, Shapes and Numbers

As a child, I was fascinated with patterns, shapes, and numbers. My mother noticed, as early as three years of age, my odd attraction to making patterns, shapes, or designs with anything I could get my hands on.

Sometimes I would stop in the middle of playing outside with the other kids, stoop down to the ground and began to arrange random sticks or rocks into different patterns or designs.

She recalled me pointing out specific patterns everywhere I would go– patterns of clouds in the sky, trees in the park, bricks on a building and even cans in the grocery store. Playing with Legos and Lincoln Logs would take over hours of my time as I worked to discover the many different structures or forms, I could create.

And then I encountered puzzles. Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles. As I entered grade school, I would become obsessed with the newly discover word puzzles called ‘Find-A Word and Seek-A- Word,” the 1960’s version of Sudoku.

I would allegedly become so enthralled while working on a puzzle, my parents complained that I would often ignore them when they called me or tried to get my attention. They would later explain, that while working on a puzzle, it was as if I had entered a trance-like state.

Despite this occasional disregard for my mother’s voice, she always indulged my creativity. I would often hear her say to other people, “I think he is going to be an architectural engineer.” While I was not sure what an architectural engineer was, I assumed it had something to do with building blocks and puzzles.

Next came numbers and math. By age 3–4, I could already do simple math problems. By age 5, I would ask my parents to buy me math books. As a child, I thought untangling math problems was fun. Math books were just like puzzles to me. I especially liked that math always had a definitive answer. I delighted in finishing one book and solving the all the problems in the book, because I knew I could now get a new book.

I saw the entire world through patterns, shapes, puzzles, and numbers. These childhood allures were just a prelude to a lifetime of indulging in and seeking to master my obsession with patterns.

I would later come to appreciate this genius as a gift in pattern recognition.

Numbers, Religion and Quantum Physics

I continued my fascination with patterns and numbers in elementary and high school. I was a “natural” in math and continuously excelled in it. In part, I think, because I could always find a pattern to reach a finite and definitive answer to any problem or question. Every number had a specific or discrete measure.

The unfolding of a math answer was magical to me. Math spoke to me- it was like a language. I would later come to believe that math was the language of God.

As my understanding of more complex math problems expanded, I became aware of the different patterns, equations or algorithms that were possible to get to a precise answer.

In high school, my mind was mesmerized with the different mathematical computations and calculations, all which could be used to derive at a particular resolution.

I also noticed similar patterns in the discipline of science, especially when math was essential to explain the principle of the scientific rule or law.

The patterns between math and science became most obvious to me in the science of chemistry. I likewise excelled in chemistry, in large part because of its marriage to math.

My combined obsessions with numbers, patterns, math, and science persisted throughout my high school years, and it was then that I began to develop the belief that everything in life had a pattern or a formula or a specific order.

I believed that if I could find the pattern in a thing, I could answer any question in the world or unlock any secret of the universe.

During my junior year in high school, I decided I wanted to become a physician. The dream of going to medical school and studying to become a physician felt like the perfect transition to apply my love for both science and math.

I believed that through the study of medicine I would discover the secrets of the body, mind and soul and combine this knowledge with my passion for patterns and numbers and processes to heal the world.

It is worth noting that I spent the entirety of my school years in religious institutions. I attended Catholic schools throughout my elementary, high school and college years.

As I attended parochial schools, religion was a required course each year. During my transitioned from high school to college, I started to recognize, what I interpreted to be, unique numerical patterns hidden in specific words and scriptures of the Bible. These findings fueled my desire to explore how detecting these patterns in the words and scriptures of the Bible might reveal a hidden secret or unlock a yet undetermined mystery.

I started this exploration by identifying the most used words and scriptures in the Bible. I then began to research the definition and interpretation of these words and scriptures.

I sought to ascertain if my newly perceived recognition of such patterns, related to any of these commonly used words, and if these patterns then were consistent throughout the Bible.

If I could determine a connection to the meaning, or concept, of the words and establish a relationship to the newly revealed patterns, then I might be able to uncover a secret meaning hidden in the patterns.

But, where my interest in these numerical patterns that I was seeing in the Bible turned in to an obsession was in the college class which combined the study of math and science (physics and chemistry) called physical chemistry, better known as quantum mechanics or quantum physics.

It was here that everything changed.

Unlocking the principles taught in physical chemistry put into context every other discipline of science I had studied thus far, including religion. It was here that my interpretation of the universe and its intrinsic secrets gradually came together.

The new preoccupation came together as ‘God, Science, and Math’, and became my newfound gateway to spiritual consciousness.

While unaware at the time, the study of physical chemistry was creating a life-changing shift in my consciousness and one that would transform my thought processes forever.

Quantum physics became the transcendental bridge that linked my science and math mind to my spiritual mind. This revelation in scientific theory would propel me forward the rest of my life, in my never-ending, ever-expanding quest for the secret concepts hidden in the words of the Bible.

According to the Oxford dictionary, Quantum mechanics (also known as quantum physics, quantum theory, the wave mechanical model, or matrix mechanics) including quantum field theory, is a fundamental theory in physics and chemistry describing the properties of nature. Quantum mechanics explains the aspects of nature at ordinary (macroscopic) scales but extends this description to the small (atomic and subatomic) scales.

Quantum physics is the science of physics that explains how all matter works. It explains how particles generate vibrational energy fields to create order from disorder. This discipline took me from the simple equations involving protons, neutrons, and electrons to the invisible realm of quantum physics and the wave mechanical theory. In short, for me, quantum physics explained how “all things work together…” {Romans 8:28}.

The study of quantum physics enlightened me to the understanding of particle matter and energy fields. Moreover, the theory of particle matter and how atoms exist in the invisible to create the visible.

The quantum field theory represented the answers to all those religious questions that I had been asking, but there had been no satisfactory answers. Questions such as, “Why can’t I see God or angels?”; “Why can’t anyone quantify faith?”; and “Where is heaven?”.

These questions and more were essential in my journey to better understand how the words and scriptures of the Bible can lead to greater spiritual enlightenment. The answers were all right here in the science of quantum physics. My introduction to quantum physics was crucial to my insight into the fundamental and elemental components of energy and matter.

But for me, the most exciting aspect of quantum physics was that it explained the core concept of the existence of all things and finally offered me a tangible explanation for the basic existence of all matter in its visible and invisible form. Quantum physics offered me my first scientific explanation of “… of things not seen” {Hebrews 11:1}.

Thus, began my journey to enlightenment in ‘The Word’.

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