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The Trinity: The "Trilateral" Concept of The Seven Realms

The Trinity

The core ideology of my Christian faith is based on my unwavering belief in existence of The Trinity.

As I matured in my own spiritual enlightenment, I began to discover how the words and scriptures of the Bible correlated as patterns of 3. I began to specifically research these words and scriptures and attempted to understand how they interrelated to the concept of the Trinity.

I choose the word "trilateral" to describe the themes and patterns I discovered in the Bible.

The word "trilateral" fit with the core basis of my spiritual belief in the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The Trinity was a “trilateral” concept to me and as such became the basic building block for all the seven “trilateral” realms.

I describe the presence of the Trinity in terms of a “trilateral” realm.

I believe the trilateral realm represents perfection based on my interpretation of the biblical definition of “the number 3”.

The number 3 biblically represents divine wholeness and perfection.

A Trilateral Concept

The definition of trilateral, as an adjective, means shared by or involving three parties. The geometric shape for the Trinity is a three-sided triangle where each equilateral angle represents the three Godheads of the Trinity.

In my book entitled, “The Seven Realms of Spiritual Wellness”, I share my unique perspective on how "trilateral" Words and Scriptures relate to spiritual wellness.

I believe there are the seven "trilateral" realms of spiritual wellness and each realm has a specific place along the path to spiritual enlightenment.

This book will reveal a unique pathway from spiritual un-wellness to spiritual wellness and higher consciousness through the practice of focused prayer and meditation (Biblical Meditation).

These focused prayers and meditations are based on the corresponding biblical words and scriptures outlined in each of the seven realms.

The Spiritual Realms: Higher Consciousness and Lower Consciousness

I organized these words and scriptures into seven realms, and I called them "spiritual realms".

I then separated them into levels of higher consciousness and lower consciousness realms. There were three higher realms and three lower realms. The higher and lower consciousness realms were divided by a middle, or fourth realm.

The fourth realm is the realm of Mind, Body and Soul. The Mind, Body and Soul realm exists as the realm dedicated to the intention and attention on the practice of focused prayer and transcendental meditation.

This realm acts as a dividing line between the realms that exist as higher consciousness realms and the ones that exists as lower consciousness realms.

Lastly, the decision to define the spatial construct of these seven 'levels of wellness' as realms, was based on my perception that these ‘levels of wellness’ concepts were formulated from a greater insight into spiritual consciousness.

I had always perceived the words "spiritual" and "consciousness" as representing multi-dimensional realms, rather than simply levels. Therefore, the term realm, became the best way to define the concept of spiritual wellness over any other defined spatial construct.

The realms of spiritual consciousness are based on the concept that when we focus our spiritual energy (focused prayer) and attention (scriptural meditation) on the transcendental reality of our spiritual being-ness, we conspire with God to bring ourselves closer to the I AM.

And thus, "The Seven Realms of Spiritual Wellness" was born.

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