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The Seven Realms of Spiritual Consciousness (Spiritual Wellness): The Pyramid of Sovereignty

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The First Pyramid- The Pyramid of Sovereignty

'The7Realms' and Spiritual Consciousness

The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness is a unique discovery of a distinct correlation between spiritual wellness, spiritual consciousness, and the Word of God.

In this transformational work, I share my remarkable finding of a spiritual pathway to higher consciousness through Biblical Meditation.

For the purposes of this read the realms of spiritual wellness are corresponding to the realms of spiritual consciousness.

For instance, if you are in higher spiritual consciousness (the higher conscious) you are in a state of spiritual well-beingness, but if you are in lower spiritual consciousness (the subconscious or the unconscious) you are in a state of spiritual unwellness.

In addition, each realm is defined by a unique set of trilateral words that represent that realm.

I define seven trilateral realms of spiritual consciousness, or spiritual wellness.

Each realm has a specific place along the path to spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness.

These newly defined realms of spiritual consciousness are based on the conceptual awareness that when we focus our intention (spiritual energy) and attention (spiritual focus) on biblical prayers and scriptural meditation we can traverse the transcendental reality of our spiritual beingness.

In doing so we can conspire with God to bring ourselves closer to the I AM.

And thus, The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness was born.

The Pyramid of Sovereignty

The First Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of The Trinity- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

The Second “Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of Love, Peace and Joy- The Realm of “Fruit of The Spirit”

The Third Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of Ask, Seek and Knock

The Fourth Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of Mind, Body and Soul (MBS)- The Mental, The Physical and The Spiritual

The Fifth Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of Self-Condemnation, Fear and Worry

The Sixth Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of Unforgiveness (Hatred), Anger and Doubt

The Seventh Realm of Spiritual Wellness

- The Realm of Disease Manifestation- Internal Disease, External Disease and Mental and Psychological Disease

Explanation of 'The7Realms'

The Seven Realms of Spiritual Consciousness (Spirit Wellness) describes the revealing of spiritual realms which correspond to specific biblical words and scriptures.

These specific words and scriptures are associated with comparable levels of consciousness. I believe there is a direct correlation with spiritual wellness and consciousness (which I call spiritual consciousness).

These realms are divided into three levels of consciousness- higher, middle, and lower.

The upper spiritual realms are associated with the higher consciousness level and the lower spiritual realms with the lower consciousness level.

The middle realm, or middle consciousness level, acts as the spiritual partition between the higher and lower consciousness levels.

The Levels of Consciousness in 'The7Realms'

The upper spiritual realms, in the higher consciousness level, correlate with God consciousness, spiritual virtues, and manifestation.

These upper realms represent the conscious movement of thought through focused prayer and meditation to reach the highest level of spiritual consciousness.

The highest state of spiritual consciousness is Oneness with God, full enlightenment, and the awareness of unity with the I AM.

The middle consciousness level is the fourth realm, the realm of Mind, Body and Soul.

This middle realm is the realm that separates higher consciousness from lower consciousness.

The realm of Mind, Body, and Soul is the spiritual partition can only be transcended through the practice of focused prayer and meditation.

The middle realm represents the initial awareness of consciousness as The Self (self-realization). Awareness of The Self is the consciousness state where the spiritual man (spirit) connects with the carnal man (body) in the presence of the soul man (soul).

It is at this intersection that an individual can use his or her spiritual energy, through focused prayer and meditation, to transcend to the higher consciousness levels of spiritual wellness.

However, if the appropriate spiritual energy to reach a higher consciousness state is not applied, then the passive energy of spiritual entropy takes over and pulls or coerces you into the lower consciousness states of spiritual un-wellness.

The lower spiritual realms in the lower consciousness level represent the transition into spiritual un-wellness.

The transition occurs through spiritual entropy, the natural descent away from Mind, Body, and Soul if the appropriate energy is not employed to transcend the coercion of the carnal mind.

Mediation and 'The7Realms'

In the book entitled, The Seven Realms of Spiritual Consciousness, I explore the process of meditation from both a Christian perspective as well as a traditional perspective.

The foundation of ‘The7Realms’ meditation is fully and completely Christian and solely rooted in the Word of God, but the processes by which one performs this meditation are largely affiliated with more traditional forms of meditation, specifically Spiritual, Mindfulness, Focused, Mantra and Transcendental meditation practices.

The processes of prayer and meditation are inextricably woven together in “The Seven Realms of Spiritual Consciousness”.

‘The7Realms’ prayers and meditations evolve from focusing on specific Biblical trilateral words and scriptures (Spiritual and Mindfulness) as well as the repetition of these distinct words and scriptures (Focused and Mantra) all purposefully arranged in an order to allow you to transcend to higher consciousness and spiritual wellness (Transcendental).

In this book, I reveal the unfolding of the special relationship between spiritual consciousness, spiritual wellness, and The Word of God.

This discovery has subsequently led to outlining a method by which to travel to higher consciousness and spiritual wellness. This transcendental process takes place via focused prayer and meditation in the words and scriptures of ‘The7Realms’.

I found specific patterns, cadences, algorithms, themes, and recurring concepts hidden within the words of the Bible that I called “trilateral concepts/precepts”.

I organized these words and scriptures into ‘The7Realms’ based on their association with, what I have come to understand are the seven realms of spiritual consciousness and spiritual wellness.

‘The7Realms’ propose is a step-by-step pathway to higher consciousness and spiritual wellness through Biblical Meditation and Christian Mindfulness. This newly discovered path that allows you to travel from the level of lower consciousness thinking to the level of higher consciousness knowing.

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