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Of GOD, From GOD and In GOD

Finite and Infinite

I am a finite and an infinite being. My life is a finite and an infinite time continuum of God’s choosing.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, my humanness makes me finite. Before my finite existence came into human being-ness, my spirit was with God, which I interpret as pre-finite.

And I believe, that at the time of my death, my departure from my human being-ness, I will return to my spiritual being-ness and I will spend my eternal existence with God, thereby, making me infinite.

While some may interpret my definitions of finite, pre-finite and infinite as a proclamation of self-deity, let me assure you that I am not so presumptuous, as to define my human or spiritual existence in any equivalent state of Gods existence. As I believe God to be the only true eternal, omnipotent and omnipresent deity.

Whether I am in my finite or infinite state, my spiritual being is always of God, from God and in God.

Therefore, as a finite, pre-finite and infinite being, life and death are equal and opposing existences of the same time continuum. The beginning and the end of the self-same Oneness known as, the “I AM”.

The Divine Right of Spiritual Wellness

We are created by the Creator with the divine right of wellness.

The God of the universe, the Source, and the Oneness of man breathed life into His creation he called man and woman.

Thus, before we were conceived into this time continuum of life in human form, we were perfect spiritual-beings, in a perfect state of spiritual wellness, at the highest level of spiritual consciousness and in the existence of God’s omnipresence.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all perfect beings.

As spiritual beings, made as human beings, we exist within the perfect realm of spiritual wellness.

The Realm of The Trinity- The "I AM".

This perfect realm of spiritual wellness exists at the highest level of spiritual consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. I believe this realm is in concordance with the perfect spiritual realm known as “The Trinity”- God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The Trinity constitutes the perfect realm of holiness, or wholeness.

In the Trinity we are one with the I AM.

The Trinity represents the spiritual essence that is encompassed in the I AM, but it is not the “I AM”.

While the I AM cannot be fully comprehended or contained, the I AM is the essence of the Trinity.

As spiritual beings we exist within the Trinity and the Trinity exists within us. However, as spiritual beings we are not the I AM, but we are of the I AM, we are from the I AM, and we are in the I AM.

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