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My Earthly Gift and My Spirirtual Gift

What is the difference between an earthly gift and a spiritual one? I believe that both these gifts originate from God. I believe God is the source of all things, including all gifts, whether they be earthly or spiritual.

I define an earthly gift as a gift from God for which His child uses on earth for the good of mankind. This gift is often expressed as a service or profession by which you share your knowledge, or skill set, or your area of expertise with others.

I believe the spiritual gift is also from God. The spiritual gift and the earthly gift are similar in that they both denote a service given to others. However, I believe the spiritual gift comes from somewhere outside of us and often goes unrecognized for a period, particularly when one’s focus is on their earthly gift.

I have lived out my earthly gift.

I graduated from college, finished medical school, completed residency, and was even appointed chief medical resident during my training.

I became a practicing physician, was appointed to faculty member at a prestigious medical college and became a prominent researcher and thought leader in my field.

I was happily married, raised three incredible children, and I’m presently happy, healthy, and whole.

Once again, I would say I have lived out my earthly purpose- my earthly gift. And I believe I have done so in a reasonable fashion.

But there was still something missing. Something was not quite right. What was it?

I seemed to have achieved every goal I set, have everything I needed, and most everything I wanted, but there was still something missing?

Still this gnawing dissatisfaction. Something yet unaccomplished. This deeper desire to uncover the “other me”.

Every dream I had ever dreamed, I had lived out. Every goal I ever imagined, I accomplished. Every vision I ever visualized had come true. So why wasn’t I content?

I was never a big adventure seeker. I have never had the desire to climb mountains or jump out of airplanes. I don’t like the cold and I have issues with heights. I am completely comfortable with getting such adventure and action from Hollywood. Living my life vicariously through Matt Damon and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Instead, I am much more of the peaceful journeyman. I would much rather travel to the wine country, and sip Chardonnay while basking in the brilliance of the vineyards. Or sit on the beach for hours, listening to the crashing waves, and being absorbed by their rhythmic roaring. No clearly, I have lived within and through my gifts, my purpose and maybe even some of my passions.

So, what was missing?

I carefully reviewed the goals that I had set for myself over the last three decades. All of a sudden it hit me. Somehow, despite all my planning, dreaming, and visualizing, I had not put in a plan for what I would do after I accomplished all these goals. I seemed to have planned out my life from my 20’s to my mid-50’s, but somehow my goals just stopped after that?

While I was winding up and growing and moving forward, I had not really planned for winding down, shifting gears, or stopping. I think I somehow thought that after I accomplished these goals everything would be on autopilot.

I was always very focused, and I knew the direction that I wanted to go in. I am a “compartmentalizer”, so I knew everything I had to accomplish to complete each task. However, I had forgotten to plan for the step beyond the final goals. I had achieved my dream of becoming a physician. I had successfully raised my children to adulthood.

So that’s it, right? Mission accomplished?

But that can’t be it, I’m not finished. There must be more. I was nowhere near ready for retirement. And even if I were my type A, focused, goal directed personality would eventually require me to specify what I was going to do, even in retirement. I can’t just retire to retire, can I? I’d have to have a purpose a direction.

This internal dilemma raged on. Finally, I remembered that there was something else I wanted to do. There had always been another desire in the background. Another goal to obtain.

I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to author a book. Many books actually. I was always coming up with titles and ideas. But I would never complete them. I was too busy becoming a doctor.

By coming a physician, I had achieved my earthly goal- my earthly gift. Indeed, I believe this earthly gift was also God and by many accounts is also a spiritual gift.

I am most appreciative that this earthly gift. Becoming a physician has allowed me the opportunity to share my spiritual purpose with Gods children. But I had always known there was something more.

There had been these subtle hints and whispers of this gift throughout my life, but I believe I pushed them aside because it wasn’t in line with my focus on my earthly gift. These thoughts didn’t seem to fit inside my compartmentalized mindset. Or so I thought.

Throughout my life I had always been told that I had an interesting way of conveying my thoughts on a subject- particularly as it related to philosophical, spiritual, or theological concepts. Friends and colleagues would also tell me that I was a pretty good teacher as it related to these concepts.

My high school English teacher shared with me that my concepts and ideas on a subject were often unique and intriguing, but my “stream of consciousness writing style” left much to be desired. In short, she liked my enlightened take on the viewpoint of the project, but she didn’t like how my writing style organized, or didn’t organize, the concept succinctly.

I was educated almost entirely in the Catholic school system. I attended parochial school from elementary school through college. The Bible and the inerrant word of God had always been at the forefront of my earthly studies.

In school I focused on preparing for my earthly gift but realized that while I was learning math and science, in preparation for medicine, I was also learning about the Bible and Christianity. I also realized that the concepts in math and science overlapped with my studies of faith and believing.

I realized how the teachings of Christ and spirituality coexisted in the universe. I was particularly drawn to how the gospel of Christ Jesus interrelated to universal consciousness.

I became even more enthralled with these life lessons as I studied quantum physics- the science of physical chemistry. I recognized how not only did quantum physics explain to me how invisible atoms, by means of vibrational energy, form substance and matter on earth, but it also seemed to explain many of the secrets of the spirit world.

Quantum physics seem to unlock the hidden meaning behind many words and scriptures of the Bible. Like the words of the Bible, I saw how quantum mechanics and particle matter were alchemic in the universe.

With the new insight into quantum mechanics, I began to visualize the words and scriptures of the Bible differently.

Scriptures such as, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen”; “if you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”; and “As a man thinketh, so is he”, took on a new and enlightened understanding for me. And I began to write about it.

As I began to study along my predestined path of God, science, and math, I realized that God was using my unique insights to reveal a hidden secret in the Bible meant just for me to uncover. This secret revolutionized my ability to comprehend and understand the things of the Bible. This discovery would offer me a new and improved way to pray and meditate. I began to share this discovery with others.

I discovered a secret pathway hidden in the words of the Bible that allows you to travel to higher consciousness through focused prayer and scriptural meditation. This newfound pathway would unlock the secrets of spiritual consciousness. Later during my studies in medicine, I would come to understand how this discovery related to spiritual wellness and physical disease.

This new passageway way would unveil my true purpose in life, my spiritual gift. The gift of ‘The7Realms’.

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